FILM PRODUCTIONS - Be a forerunner in dubbing your film with an interpreter to reach a completely untapped audience! Incorporating one of our experienced interpreters for the Deaf brings movies to life for a community that is hungry to see your material.  We provide this service FREE to filmmakers with consent for use on our app.  We can also add closed captioning for your hard of hearing community as well.  About 15 percent of the population suffer from hearing impairment at varying levels.  Since closed captioning is difficult and exhausting for the Deaf to keep up with for the duration of an entire movie, a sign language interpreter on their screen really enhances the viewing experience. 
BROADCASTS - Would you like to reach a potential 10 Million viewers you otherwise wouldn't? Most of us that are hearing, simply don't think about it;  but there are many out there that would love to hear your message.   Let us help you by being that bridge to reaching the Deaf audience you may be missing.  They want to hear what you have to say!
BOOK PUBLISHING - Let us put your book to an live interpreter.  With a voice-over to read along as well as an interpreter in American Sign Language, you create a whole new world to someone who may not otherwise be able to read your book.  Many deaf individuals suffer from visual issues, so expanding it to a live person is a great service!

CLOSED CAPTIONING - Did you know that approximately 15% of the general population has a hearing deficiency to some degree?  Weather live or post production, we've got you covered!  With experienced real-time writers for your live events, the hard of hearing community welcome the addition of closed captioning to follow along with.  If adding to your post-production broadcast is what you need, we can do that too.  We highly recommend a live writer to produce your broadcast transcript compared to voice recognition for a higher accuracy and hence delivering a higher quality service to those in need.